Too much transmission fluid symptoms/ how to check A/T fluid level without a dipstick

  Transmission fluid is the lifeblood of transmission. It ensures the smooth running of the engine and keeps the   transmission temperature   down since gear usually generates alot of heat. but what happens if you put too much fluid in the transmission? What are the signs of an overfilled automatic transmission? leakage of transmission seals puddles of transmission fluid underneath the vehicle foamy transmission oil transmission overheating  failure to shift properly, causing a jerking sensation what are the consequences of an overfilled automatic transmission? oil starvation  reduced lubrication reduced cooling increased frictions damage to parts damage to seals increased wear what are the signs of overfilled manual transmission? leakage of transmission seals puddles of transmission oil underneath the vehicle puddles of transmission oil inside the vehicle foamy transmission oil  tansmission overheating clutch chatter or slipping when applying the clutch difficulty pushing in the clutc

Things you should never do when driving an automatic transmission vehicle

With an automatic transmission vehicle, maximum comfort is ensured But the drivers must avoid the following practices to ensure their safety and safety of the vehicles.
Things to avoid while driving automatic transmission vehicles

  • Don't shift gear while still moving: don't shift from drive to park while the vehicle is still moving. This action could break and distort the locking pin. use brake to stop the vehicle completely before shifting to park. Parking position is to prevent the vehicle from rolling off.
  • Don't put the gear to neutral while coasting: this will stop the oil circulation in the transmission, causing wear and tear of gear teeth. Negligible fuel save cannot buy or repair the damages done to transmission. 
  • Don't shift to neutral at red light: let the gear be in drive and apply brake. This is to ensure continuous oil supply to the transmission while for greenlight in traffic
  • Don't zoom off immediately: make the engine warn and oil circulation complete before driving at top speed. Be gentle with it until it completely warms and oil circulation is completed before driving at top speed
  • Don't shift from D2 to D while the vehicle is moving: if you mistakingly engaged the gear in D2 instead of D, and got noticed over hours of driving. Stop the vehicle completely, shift it to park, off and start the vehicles again before engaging in normal driving. You're saved now.
Careful driving and adhering to your manufacturer's operation manual will save you alot of money while driving your vehicles.

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