Too much transmission fluid symptoms/ how to check A/T fluid level without a dipstick

  Transmission fluid is the lifeblood of transmission. It ensures the smooth running of the engine and keeps the   transmission temperature   down since gear usually generates alot of heat. but what happens if you put too much fluid in the transmission? What are the signs of an overfilled automatic transmission? leakage of transmission seals puddles of transmission fluid underneath the vehicle foamy transmission oil transmission overheating  failure to shift properly, causing a jerking sensation what are the consequences of an overfilled automatic transmission? oil starvation  reduced lubrication reduced cooling increased frictions damage to parts damage to seals increased wear what are the signs of overfilled manual transmission? leakage of transmission seals puddles of transmission oil underneath the vehicle puddles of transmission oil inside the vehicle foamy transmission oil  tansmission overheating clutch chatter or slipping when applying the clutch difficulty pushing in the clutc

Why your car(s) smoke black?

If your car(s) have this  problem of black smoke and you buy fuel more than usual, then there is something wrong with it.

Incomplete combustion, in other words, fuel delivered to the combustion chamber, being more than oxygen supply and not burnt completely will cause black smoke of an  engine, prompting check engine light to illuminate and a rotten egg smell is also perceived.

This error is caused by a lambda (oxygen) sensor. Although many variables may contribute, the discussion is on lambda sensor.

What is the work of a lambda sensor?

Lambda sensor serves as the nose of a PCM (power control Module), it tells the system's computer how much oxygen is available, by sniffing, then the pcm will now determine the air/fuel ratio to use for a stoichiometric combustion.

  If the sensor sniffs more oxygen, it will send signal to pcm  and equivalent fuel will be supplied to ensure a complete burning.

What does complete burning mean in an engine?
A complete burning or combustion in an engine simply means that the engine is at its optimum working conditions, that is,
  • Good idling
  • Excellent acceleration
  • More miles per gallons
  • Extended engine life 
  • Steaming (especially, in the morning)
How does a lamda sensor work?
Lambda sensors are installed in set (two), pre and pro catalyst, that is, before after catalytic converters, in exhaust line of an engine.

Based on temperature difference, it sends signals to the PCM on an available oxygen sniffed, and enough fuel is pumped for a complete combustion.

Apart from fuel economy, it is also use to control the emissions of engines,by reducing unburnt hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides emissions during combustion.

Lambda sensor malfunctioning
If a lambda sensor is clogged, or cracked, it'll  feed control module with wrong informations prompting it to supply more fuel even if there is not enough oxygen available, this results to incomplete combustion, that makes the engine exhausts unburnt hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen.

Replacing the oxygen sensor every three years or four years of continuous use of the vehicle is strongly advisable, and it is a preventive maintenance of your vehicle.

Other things that possibly cause the erratic performance of the vehicles are
  • Clogged air filter/fuel filter
  • Damaged air flow sensor (air flow meter)
  • Bad knocking sensor
  • Nozzle drops instead of spraying
  • Bad Brain box (ECU)

With complicated issues, it is advisable to plug in the OBDII scanner to avoid replacing part that are not the causes of the problems and talking to professional technicians helps alot in making your vehicle work again in optimum conditions.

Drop a comment, if you're suffering from poor Engine performance, explain your problem let's solve it together.

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