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What To do If my car is jerking or goes off Everytime

That time you're almost ready for that important meeting, when that club is hot, when you are almost late for that important appointment, this car has started again. The car you've spent alot of money just for servicing a while ago. You're just confused!!! Don't worry, let's check out may be we'll find some tips  here. This article covers some tips on the reasons cars go off, what follows every reason is the solution. Let's check out if you'll see something of help here. My Car goes off while in traffic This  happens when there's heavy traffic congestion, this fault is common with Toyota Engines.  The idle speed continue to drop to as low as 300rpm till the vehicles eventually goes off . But after the  traffic congestion, it'll drive normal as if nothing happens to it.  This is mostly caused by clogged (dirty) throttle body (the actuator) or blocked air filter element.  With soft rag and paint thinner, clean thoroughly the