Too much transmission fluid symptoms/ how to check A/T fluid level without a dipstick

  Transmission fluid is the lifeblood of transmission. It ensures the smooth running of the engine and keeps the   transmission temperature   down since gear usually generates alot of heat. but what happens if you put too much fluid in the transmission? What are the signs of an overfilled automatic transmission? leakage of transmission seals puddles of transmission fluid underneath the vehicle foamy transmission oil transmission overheating  failure to shift properly, causing a jerking sensation what are the consequences of an overfilled automatic transmission? oil starvation  reduced lubrication reduced cooling increased frictions damage to parts damage to seals increased wear what are the signs of overfilled manual transmission? leakage of transmission seals puddles of transmission oil underneath the vehicle puddles of transmission oil inside the vehicle foamy transmission oil  tansmission overheating clutch chatter or slipping when applying the clutch difficulty pushing in the clutc

7 things to check before buying a used car in Nigeria

Buying a used car in Nigeria is a great idea towards saving money and aiming a maximum value of the little money you invested. But if care is not taken, you'll end up burning your fingers as what you thought was the best deal might end up being the greatest mistake you've ever made.

Keeping eyes down to few details will safe you from expensive repair after making that purchase. It's a best idea to take a person who's is skilled in car inspection with you when going for such appointment.
The following details give you a glimpse of what to take note of while inspecting any used vehicle in Nigeria.

7 things to check before buying any used vehicle in Nigeria

  1. Inspect the Exterior

Park the vehicle, if possible in a level surface, inspect the legs, visually for bending, misalignment. Check the fender to see if it has been replaced, repaired or wrongly fixed. Has it been involved in an accident, which affects the front chassis? This will cause the leg(s) to bend. This type of bending might not be easily detected but get it faster by looking at the tyre wears. The side with the chassis affected will have it worn out unevenly than others.

Uneven tyre wears can also be caused by bad wheel alignment.  Put eyes to all of those while inspecting. It's not only when engine and gear is ok. Suspension system is an essential component of a vehicle and you must pay close attention while inspecting a used car in Nigeria.
Of course, painting, dents and body work of the vehicle is worth noting of.  Tap the body to check if it's a first body or it's just been packaged by putty.

2. Inspect the interior

Check for tears, rips and stains. Start the vehicle to test the AC, heater, check all the controls and accessories. Put them in mind, it contributes to the monetary value of the vehicle you're a about to buy. 

3. Inspect the Underneath

It's a good idea to lie down and check everything, especially for rust and oil drops. Check the fuel lines and wiring harness for their clips and so on.
While you're lying under the vehicle check the under chassis for bents, rust or has it been involved previously in accident? 

4. Inspect the Engine compartment

Check the oil level, color and see whether there's any sign of water in the oil, open the radiator cap (don't do this if the vehicle is still hot) check the coolant level, color and see if there's oil in it. Either of the above means a head gasket leaks, which needs expensive repair.  

Check engine mounts, hoses, belts, clips and wiring harness.  Take note of all this when bargaining the price.  
Start the vehicle to listen closely to the sound, check for tapping noise on the cylinder, nocking noise of the crankshaft, noise of timing chain , belt rollers and adjuster. Check the belt if it's still in good condition. Put it all in consideration while bargaining the price of the vehicle. 

5. Inspect the controls while test driving

Get a permission to test drive the vehicle. While engaging it to gear check if there's a clunking noise while shifting from parking to drive or reverse. Keep note of this, as it will result to expensive repair if you desire to eliminate it. 
Check if the driving is smooth. Any jerking or hesitation? They aren't good signs at all. While accelerating, observe if the gear jump shift. Keep note of this also, a sign of serious transmission problem. 
Check the Work of the wiper. Any warning light on the dashboard? Don't overlook it while bargaining the price.

6. Inspect the Vehicle Identity (VIN).

Don't play with law, ensure you check the authenticity of the vehicle before making any purchase decision, take your time to check and confirm the VIN of any vehicle before buying it. Law is not your Friend, and being ignorant is not an excuse. Tell people to help teach you how to do this. 

7. Sum everything together and make your offer

You only have power when you still have your money in your pocket. Play wisely.
Taking all of 1 to 6 points into consideration, will give you a glimpse of how much that vehicle worth. Don't be afraid to say what's in your mind, nor hesitating to walk away if the deal doesn't favour you. There's always cars in the next neighbor for a good deal. 

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