Causes of vibration above 60 mph of GL450 Mercedes Benz

GL450 vibrating above 60MPH

Vibration above 60 miles per hour while driving your GL or ML is caused primarily, by either a propeller shaft or the flat washer of the lower arm bushings.

Lower arm bushing will cause the vibration if:

  •          It’s broken
  •          You Changed the position of the flat wide washer: the washer on the big bushing of the lower arm supposed to be at the right side of the bushing. If it’s changed from this position to the front end of the bushing, it’ll destroy the alignment of the lower arm and the bushing. This, if you're accelerating at a high speed above 60 mph, it’ll draw the iron in the bushing to the chasis of the vehicle. This you’ll feel as a vibration while speeding. This situation usually disappears when you lower your speed below 60mph. 

lower arm bushing washer will be at the right side of the bushing, not left  

Propeller shaft and driving shaft

A broken driveline of the propeller shaft can cause the vibration of GL450 above 60mph

  •          They’ll be a vibration if there’s no grease in either the propeller shaft or the driving shaft
  •          If the bearing of the propeller shaft is broken
  •          If the cup of the driving shaft is worn out

Other culprits are broken transmission mounts, bent rim(s), bad tyres  and  bad wheel alignment


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