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Signs of a Failing EVAP canister

The canister purge valve, also commonly referred to as the purge valve, is an important component of your Evaporative Emission Control (EVAP) system. This system restricts the fuel vapours created in your fuel tank from escaping into the atmosphere by trapping them in a charcoal canister. When your engine begins to run at regular speed, the EVAP system slowly allows these vapours to be released into your engine, which burn like regular fuel. The flow of these vapours is controlled by your canister purge valve, which regulates when and how much of these vapours enter your engine. The canister purge valve is electrically operated, and is also referred to commonly as a solenoid. The most common purge valve issues are when the purge valve is stuck open or closed, or does not open at the proper time. The symptoms are listed below that may indicate your canister purge valve is not functioning properly. 1. Check Engine Light Is On The first sign of trouble for your canister purge valve is the

How to solve code P0015 and P0017 (Toyota or Lexus) of vehicles having rough idling and hard acceleration

When your Toyota or Lexus cars have just started idling rough or not accelerating easily the way it used to be, you plugged in a scanner and found out the codes P0015 P0017 (both current), as shown below. when this happens, the engine-valve timing is altered. 



how can engine-valve timing be altered even when no body loosed the engine?

Most of the new model vehicle are equipped with variable valve timing inlet (VVTi) camshafts, which help adjust the valve timing of the vehicle when operating on certain loads, to help boost the engine performance at that particular instance. then readjust the timing to the normal point on average working conditions. 

But when an ECU commanded the VVTi cam gear to return to the normal point and it's not working, this'll prompt the computer to throw the code P0015 or P0017 or both accuring at the same time, with the check engine showing on the dashboard.

When the cam gear failed to return to the normal point after adjustment, this'll make the vehicle to behave erratically, sometimes it'll work as if everything is fine and sometimes everything scatters. when this happens, even if you manually reset the timing, it'll not work untill you replace the affected camshaft. 

what causes the the failuire of the VVTi camshaft?

  • when the oil change time is overdue and when using wrong engine oil for the vehicle
  • excessive overheating
Some mechanics will "permanent" the camshaft, then reset the timing. the only problem of this type of solution is that the check engine light will remain on. the check engine light comes on when the computer could no longer command the cam gear to adjust.

But your work is simply to reset the timing first when you recently worked on the engine that involves altering the timing. 

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