Too much transmission fluid symptoms/ how to check A/T fluid level without a dipstick

  Transmission fluid is the lifeblood of transmission. It ensures the smooth running of the engine and keeps the   transmission temperature   down since gear usually generates alot of heat. but what happens if you put too much fluid in the transmission? What are the signs of an overfilled automatic transmission? leakage of transmission seals puddles of transmission fluid underneath the vehicle foamy transmission oil transmission overheating  failure to shift properly, causing a jerking sensation what are the consequences of an overfilled automatic transmission? oil starvation  reduced lubrication reduced cooling increased frictions damage to parts damage to seals increased wear what are the signs of overfilled manual transmission? leakage of transmission seals puddles of transmission oil underneath the vehicle puddles of transmission oil inside the vehicle foamy transmission oil  tansmission overheating clutch chatter or slipping when applying the clutch difficulty pushing in the clutc

how to solve code p0016 of 2005 Toyota Corolla

 P0016 is a Toyota malfunctions DTC , that means  the readings of the camshaft position sensor does not correlate with that of the crankshaft position sensor. 

crankshaft position sensor

cam position sensor

Causes of P0016 trouble Code

  •  if you don't change engine oil and filter in time
  •   Not using the recommended engine oil for the engine
  •   Faulty camshaft position sensor 
  •   Wrong engine timing

Symptoms of P0016 trouble code

  •       intermittent loss of power
  •        hard starting
  •        hard acceleration
  •        engine overheating 
  •         engine vibration when idling with air condition working

Different ways to resolve the P0016 trouble code

  •      change engine oil and oil filter, with the recommended oil for your engine
  •        clean  VVTi oil control valve and its filter under it (check pictures below)
  •      check the voltage of the camshaft position sensor, clean or replace it if the voltage is not up to the recommended value
  •       check and replace any faulty VVTi camshaft
  •        check and reset the engine timing

VVTi mesh filter

VVTi oil control valve

After the above steps are taken , clear the DTC and test drive the vehicle

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