Too much transmission fluid symptoms/ how to check A/T fluid level without a dipstick

  Transmission fluid is the lifeblood of transmission. It ensures the smooth running of the engine and keeps the   transmission temperature   down since gear usually generates alot of heat. but what happens if you put too much fluid in the transmission? What are the signs of an overfilled automatic transmission? leakage of transmission seals puddles of transmission fluid underneath the vehicle foamy transmission oil transmission overheating  failure to shift properly, causing a jerking sensation what are the consequences of an overfilled automatic transmission? oil starvation  reduced lubrication reduced cooling increased frictions damage to parts damage to seals increased wear what are the signs of overfilled manual transmission? leakage of transmission seals puddles of transmission oil underneath the vehicle puddles of transmission oil inside the vehicle foamy transmission oil  tansmission overheating clutch chatter or slipping when applying the clutch difficulty pushing in the clutc

p2185 honda accord 2008

P2185 is a trouble code, showing electronic coolant temperature sensor 2 circuit is high

when the ECU  of the vehicle is not receiving signal from the coolant sensor or the signal reaching the ECU is low, it'll set that code P2185 and pop up the check engine light. 

Symptoms of p2185

the only noticeable symptom is the check engine light, apart from the illuminating check engine light, the car will work very fine.

Possible causes of p2185


  • sensor being removed
  • blocked or leaking thermostat
  • low coolant level 
  • air bubble in the cooling system
  • bad coolant temperature sensor

Possible solution of p2185

  • check the sensor location and make sure it's not being removed, especially when you replace the radiator. the brand new radiator don't usually come with the coolant temperature sensor but a drain plug. You need to replace the drain plug with the sensor before mounting the new radiator.  
  • make sure the thermostat is working fine
  • check and  fill up the coolant to the desired level
  • if the coolant temprature sensor is bad, replace it. 

Location of sensor 2

The location of the the coolant temperature sensor 2 is at the down part of the radiator by the left side. while the coolant sensor 1 is attached to the cylider head of the engine. the image below shows the location the of the sensor 2

coolant temperature sensor 2 location


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