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How to solve code P0015 and P0017 (Toyota or Lexus) of vehicles having rough idling and hard acceleration

When your Toyota or Lexus cars have just started idling rough or not accelerating easily the way it used to be, you plugged in a scanner and found out the codes P0015 P0017 (both current), as shown below. when this happens, the engine-valve timing is altered.  P0015   P0017 how can engine-valve timing be altered even when no body loosed the engine? Most of the new model vehicle are equipped with variable valve timing inlet (VVTi) camshafts, which help adjust the valve timing of the vehicle when operating on certain loads, to help boost the engine performance at that particular instance. then readjust the timing to the normal point on average working conditions.  But when an ECU commanded the VVTi cam gear to return to the normal point and it's not working, this'll prompt the computer to throw the code P0015 or P0017 or both accuring at the same time, with the check engine showing on the dashboard. When the cam gear failed to return to the normal point after adjustment, this'

Our Services


Car Painting

Give your your a high quality paint, the paint that when other person look at it, your car will be like an imported, first body car. 
In our paint room you'll get two types of services:
1) Normal Spraying  with one year guarantee
2) Oven baking with up to 3 years guarantee. 
Each of these works take exactly four working days to be completed. 

Engine repair

The Engine repair ranges from:

  • Overhauling
  • Engine replacement
  • Top cylinder works
  • Engine diagnosis
  • Nozzles, carburetor/ injector services
  • Normal routine Engine services

wheel alignment

Get your car back to work without spending too much on tyres. Regular wheel alignment helps safe your tyres and also improves your driving comfort. Get it done in 15 minutes

suspension repair

This works helps you prevent unusual noises, emergency brake down, at times, regular checking of your suspension systems safe you over 95% of road accident. Good suspension systems make it easy for you at any speed , to feel like a genius

What of an embarrassing noises, especially when you supposed to listen to some Cool audio program, what of in the presence of your friend? It makes you fee as if your whole vehicle has scattered.

Don't worry, get it fix, and start enjoying your driving again. At Dreamland, you spent less to get highest value.  

brake service

It includes: 
  • Brake pad/shoe
  • Brake disc/drums
  • Brake lines and ABS System
  • Master brakes and Sabon
Dreamland Motors also handles your brake system services for your maximum safety on the road. Checking the whole system to make sure we give you a reliable guarantee on our work is important

The work is between 30 minutes to 2 hours. 

Air Conditioning

We also handle your AC professionally. Our guarantee on AC work is from 3 months , 6 months to 1 year, depending on the work


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