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Signs of a Failing EVAP canister

The canister purge valve, also commonly referred to as the purge valve, is an important component of your Evaporative Emission Control (EVAP) system. This system restricts the fuel vapours created in your fuel tank from escaping into the atmosphere by trapping them in a charcoal canister. When your engine begins to run at regular speed, the EVAP system slowly allows these vapours to be released into your engine, which burn like regular fuel. The flow of these vapours is controlled by your canister purge valve, which regulates when and how much of these vapours enter your engine. The canister purge valve is electrically operated, and is also referred to commonly as a solenoid. The most common purge valve issues are when the purge valve is stuck open or closed, or does not open at the proper time. The symptoms are listed below that may indicate your canister purge valve is not functioning properly. 1. Check Engine Light Is On The first sign of trouble for your canister purge valve is the

Diagnosis and Repair

Diagnostics and Repairs

Dreamland Motor's professionally trained technicians carry out electrical and mechanical repairs and diagnostics on Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, and other equivalent makes.
 We don't work on diesel Engine and German Petrol vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Volkswagen and other equivalent vehicles.
 Our work includes engine and clutch re-fits, cambelts, exhausts, suspension work and more.
At Dreamland Motor, we appreciate the costs involved in maintaining and repairing a vehicle and we will always try to find the most cost effective solutions for you. We can source green parts and reconditioned parts as well as new genuine and high quality equivalent parts. We will also fit your self-sourced parts if required.*.
 This means, you can buy parts on your own, we'll fix it for you. Nothing more, Our main goal is "your peace of mind" and highest satisfactions in any service we offer you.
We provide you with parts, labour and VAT costings before carrying out any repair work and always seek your prior authority.
As part of the discount, we'll only charge you for cost of parts and labor, we'll not charge you for diagnosis if you offer us the job. 
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