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How to solve code P0015 and P0017 (Toyota or Lexus) of vehicles having rough idling and hard acceleration

When your Toyota or Lexus cars have just started idling rough or not accelerating easily the way it used to be, you plugged in a scanner and found out the codes P0015 P0017 (both current), as shown below. when this happens, the engine-valve timing is altered.  P0015   P0017 how can engine-valve timing be altered even when no body loosed the engine? Most of the new model vehicle are equipped with variable valve timing inlet (VVTi) camshafts, which help adjust the valve timing of the vehicle when operating on certain loads, to help boost the engine performance at that particular instance. then readjust the timing to the normal point on average working conditions.  But when an ECU commanded the VVTi cam gear to return to the normal point and it's not working, this'll prompt the computer to throw the code P0015 or P0017 or both accuring at the same time, with the check engine showing on the dashboard. When the cam gear failed to return to the normal point after adjustment, this'

Return Policy

24.2. To exercise the right to cancel, the Customer must inform the Company of their decision to cancel this Agreement in writing by clear statement (e.g. a letter sent by post, fax or email). The Customer may use the model cancellation form provided, or incorporate the text below into a letter, or email.

Model Cancellation Notice

Dreamland Motor Engineering Works

12 King George V Road


Phone: +2349066616152


Dear Sirs


Ordered on: [INSERT DATE HERE]

Received on: [INSERT DATE HERE]

[I/We]* hereby give notice that [I/We]* cancel [my/our]* contract of sale of the [goods/service]* above

Name of consumer(s),

Address of consumer(s),

Signature of consumer(s)


[*] Delete as appropriate,

24.3. If the Customer requests any service to be provided during the 14 day period then they will lose the right to cancel this Agreement. The Customer shall pay the Company an amount which is in proportion to that service performed until they communicated their cancellation of the Agreement.

24.4. If the Customer cancels this Agreement, the Company will reimburse to the Customer all payments received from the Customer under this Agreement, without undue delay, and not later than:-

24.4.1. 14 days after the date on which the Company receives any Goods back; or

24.4.2. (if earlier) 14 days after the day the Customer provides evidence that the Customer has returned any Goods; or

24.4.3. if there were no Goods supplied, 14 days after the day on which the Company are informed about the Customer's decision to cancel this Agreement.

24.5. The Company will make the reimbursement using the same means of payment as the Customer has used for the initial transaction, unless the Customer has expressly agreed otherwise, but in any event the Customer will not incur any fees as a result of the reimbursement.

24.6. The Company may withhold reimbursement until the Company has received any Goods back or the Customer has sent evidence of having sent back any Goods to the Company, whichever is the earliest. The Customer should send back any Goods or deliver them back to the Company at the Company address, without undue delay and in any event not later than 14 days after the day on which the Customer communicates cancellation of this Agreement to the Company.

24.7. This deadline is met if the Customer sends back any Goods before the period of 14 days has expired. The Company will require that the Customer bears the cost of returning any Goods to the Company.

25. Return of Parts

25.1. The Customer must take reasonable care of any Goods whilst they are in the Customer's possession. The Customer will be responsible for any loss or damage from when they are delivered to the Customer until and when they are returned to the Company.

25.2. The Customer is liable for any diminished value of any Goods resulting from the handling other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Goods.

26. Dispute Resolution

26.1. In the event of a complaint or dispute of any kind the Customer should follow the following complaints handling procedure:

All formal/written complaints relating to the Company, its staff or services must be brought to the attention of a Director of the Company.

An investigation of the complaint will be carried out by a Director on behalf the Company.

A Director, on behalf of the Company, will provide a written response to the complainant with his/her findings within 3 working days. Should further time be required for the investigation, the complainant will be contacted before the end of the third working day with a progress update explaining the reasons for the time extension. The investigation must be completed by the end of the fifth working day since the last contact with the complainant.

Once the investigation has been completed, a letter/e-mail will be sent to the complainant explaining the Company's position. The letter/e-mail will explain the details of the investigation including factual details of the findings. The letter/email will summarise the Company's position regarding the outcome of the investigation.

If the Company has not received feedback from the complainant following the outcome of the letter/email within one calendar month, the Company will assume that the matter has been fully resolved.

All complaints' records will be stored electronically and/or on hard copy in a secure folder.

26.2. Where the Customer's complaint cannot be resolved, once the Customer has exhausted the Company's internal process the Customer may refer the dispute to ADR at the National Industrial Court Of Nigeria as follows:-,

National Industrial Court Of Nigeria

Address: No. 3, Aguleri Street, off Gimbiya Street, Area 11, Garki, Abuja.

Phone: 07045136125, 08037278046

26.3. Where any dispute cannot be resolved through ADR, a Purchase Order and Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Nigeria and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Industrial Courts.

27. Statutory Rights

Where the Customer is acting as a consumer, nothing in this contract is intended to exclude or limit the Customer's statutory rights
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