How to escape auto mechanic fake warranty promises in Lagos

Updated: Aug 28

Seventy Percent of car owners today suffers from works of mechanics than the actual problem of their vehicles. I read a customer review on a mechanic website about a week ago on how they mal-treated him.

The statement goes like this:

Headline: Just flush your money down the toilet. It's easier and less painful.

Body: "I called them to report some problem after my vehicle's radiator was replaced, but the first thing the call staff said was that I had no warranty because I choose to provide the parts. I told them that the parts were not the problem but my vehicle is now leaking transmission fluid because of the work they performed."

"They promised to have my case escalated and after 3 calls and emails to them, no body contacted me. I had to get another radiator installed, because they had mangled the fitting for the transmission cooler and it could not reused."

Often , you'll hear customers lamenting their experiences from mechanics. A car owner will tell you, "they are incompetent, they used wrong/faulty parts. It didn't work from the moment installed", I wasted a bunch of my money and time".

A man once wrote about his brake that was repaired by an Auto repair shop.

"The mechanic damaged my car and refused to take responsibility. The mechanic left my car in a worse shape than it was. My brake didn't work and they almost got me killed. I submitted a complaint to them and they refused to do anything about it, saying I avoided the warranty by going to fix the problem in another auto shop. Oh! Excuse me? Was I supposed to go back to my mechanic so that they should succeed in killing me?'

Statements like these are the reasons most car owners are hesitant in taking their vehicles to mechanics workshop, especially if they've not worked for them before.

We all want to avoid problems, we don't want to be taken advantage of , and above all we want safety, that's why we're exchanging our hard-earned money for such expensive car repairs.

When you spend NGN10,000 with a mechanic, your expectations is 10 times the value of the money you spent, not another problem that'll reap you off. Your problems most of the time is not the money they're asking you to pay, but the value for your money.

Bait and switch

You'll never forget an experience when someone has charged you 10x the price of the genuine spare parts, yet the vehicle he claimed to have fixed, stopped you on the road, where you hardly find a help.

Later you came to find out that you were over charged on the actual price of the parts, even with that he didn't replace the parts or he used wrong parts for you.

It's a real dangerous situation to your life because:

  • Your life could be at danger, what if it's on Third Mainland Bridge at 12 midnight?unless someone knows and recognises you, no body will stop for you.

  • It could results to serious accident: wrong or fake part can fail without warning and you, with a confidence that your vehicle has just been repaired will not think of all this while speeding.

This situation has thought thousands of people lessons they'll never forget in their lives. Bait and switch in pricing and work delivery among mechanics has caused most car owners to never trust many mechanics today.

Lack of repair and maintenance guidelines

It's not because your mechanic doesn't know work, but because he lacks the knowledge of working with maintenance service guidelines. That's why after leaving a repair shop, you'll have another faults on your vehicle, which at times you'll think maybe it's because the mechanic has worked on it. If a work was done with proper maintenance Service guidelines, you'll not have to have any emergency breakdown, unless you refuse to follow the advice of the mechanic.

Proper maintenance service guideline will take into account all of the 37 vital parts of the vehicle being serviced and proper recommendation are given to the drivers to ensure their safety and comfort in driving. If you don't follow this, that's when you'll replace a fuel pump, for example, when the vehicle stalled.

You're serving your vehicle roughly every month or every six months, but why do you have to suffer car breakdown on the road?

It's lack of proper maintenance guidelines from your mechanic.

And because of this, you'll spend huge sum of money for a repair you don't prepare for, the worse is when you'll, at times don't even get the value of what you paid for.

Yes, mechanic want to save money so, he'll buy what'll do just that for him.

As you're reading every word of this article, you'll discover how'll you'll save alot of money in your car maintenance, while getting professional repair work, you'll also discover how you'll drive your car with full confidence on the road, anytime, anywhere without having to worry of any emergency mechanical breakdown.

Lacking specific knowledge of the vehicle

What you'll face in some repair shop is referring you to another mechanic after they've charged you for a repair. So they'll charge to tell you that they can't figure out what's wrong with your vehicle, but to refer you to another mechanic after many trial and error methods.

This is a game of chance, and if care is not taken you'll get your fingers burnt with this approach in your car maintenance. Many car owners are forced into the decision of abandoning or selling off their most cherished cars when they couldn't find out what's wrong with it. Or when they couldn't afford to spend huge some of money on repair from errors of inexperienced mechanics.

A Guarantee is to ensure you enjoy repair and maintenance work, to have full confidence in your driving, and above all your overall safety on the road. Not to bring it back if it doesn't work. Will they even fulfill that promise?

Get a guarantee that works

A guarantee in your motoring need is to make you enjoy your ride, not a mere hope of if it spoiled within a specified time, you'll not pay money for the return work again. That's nonsense, if you're not paying money, what of your time? Even the bring it back guarantee are fueled with tactics towards extorting money from you. They must be explanations you'll agree to that will make you spend some extra money on what supposed to be free.

Always get a guarantee that works in your auto repair and maintenance needs. So that you'll be able to get most value of your hard-earned money you're exchanging for that work.


At Dreamland Motor Engineering Works, our repair and maintenance servicing works are geared towards ensuring that you get most out of every penny you spent with us.

Because we have you in mind, we've divided our maintenance and repair program into three major parts, so that each part, with the help of our maintenance guidelines will help you avoid any potential near term breakdown.

Out of the 37 main components to check regularly, here are the steps we take towards ensuring that we meet your car's Servicing needs

  • Oil and filter change

  • Small Servicing

  • Large serving

Click here to see the details of each of the options. The service options are numbered from 1 to 37. The mark sign (✓) indicates what to check under each Servicing and the cancel sign (x) indicates what's not necessary to ch